Vikram names his biggest rival

Vikram in a recent interview was asked to name his biggest rival. With his cheeky humor in full display, he said that there is a famous actor who scares him a lot and in recent times, he played a character named Krishna and blew everyone away with his performance. All burst out laughing because he was clearly referring to himself in Deiva Thirumagal. On a more serious note, he added that he just wants to do good cinema and not become involved in petty rivalries.

Quizzed about his relationship with director Bala who gave him the biggest break in his career plus a national award winning character, Vikram said that he was his mentor and close friend and will always remain so. He said that all the stories about their fights were untrue and he requested the press not to put pressure on a good relationship. And when asked about whether they will work together in future, Vikram said he certainly hoped so.

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