Vikram inspires Sara

Vikram is known for his ability to transform into the character he is playing. Word is that it has never been more apparent than in Deiva Thirumagal. He plays Krishna who is mentally challenged. Vikram literally became Krishna for this role. He lost weight and really lived the part.

Once while they were filming in a busy Chennai road, the makers felt he would need security. But it turned out to be unnecessary because nobody recognized Vikram and everyone thought he was a mad guy. Some even ridiculed him! It is a great tribute to his acting abilities. Another time, he talked to Anushka not as Vikram but as Krishna. The actress was simply amazed!

Sara, the child artist in the film is based in Mumbai and needed Tamil tuitions for her role. She found it hard but after seeing Vikram’s dedication, she also decided to work hard like him. Not only did she learn her lines but she memorized his lines as well and would constantly prompt him when he was hesitant which was simply in keeping with his character.

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