Deiva Thirumagal hit the screens today

Vikram’s movies are always looked forward to eagerly not just by fans but by mass audience both in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh due to their universal appeal and because they come with a difference.

Vikram – Vijay’s offering, ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ has hit the screens today. The movie features an ensemble of stars including Vikram, Anushka Shetty, Amala Paul, Santhanam, Nasser, Sara, MS Bhaskar and a few others. The movie is a sure family entertainer and received a clean ‘U’ certificate from the censor board who were all praises for the film.

Vikram plays the role of Krishna, an adult with the mental maturity of a five year old. The struggle he undergoes to reunite with his daughter played by Sara forms the crux of the story.

GV Prakash’s tunes for this film come with a difference as well. The last few minutes in the film has a symphony blending in with the scenes.

We’re sure some of you have already watched this emotional family entertainer while the rest of you are busy scheduling it in your week’s planner. How did those of you who have watched this film like it? How’s Vikram’s performance as Krishna? How did you find the comedy between Santhanam and Anushka?

Go ahead and give your take on the film and tell us what you feel about the movie, plot and performance, but take care not to give away the story to other IG visitors.

Tell the others what you feel about the movie, now!

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